About Me


In February 2023 I discovered breathwork and had quite a profound experience. Afterwards I was so grateful towards my coach and was determined to give the same feeling to others. I then enrolled in the Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release Institution where I am currently pursuing certification as a practitioner myself. You can read about my first breathwork experience here and maybe be inspired to give it a try for yourself.

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Amsterdam in 2016 where I currently reside. Traveling and immersing myself in new environments, friendships, building new connections, writing, cinema, and challenging myself with new endeavors keeps me happy. I’m also quite a shameless hedonist who indulges in life; we’re only here on earth once after all.

I’ve always been fascinated by people and their stories. Its amazing what you can learn by simply listening. Wanting to help & look out for people is in my DNA, and motivates me in life. My mom would tell you I was Batman for Halloween 11 years in a row, and first in trouble at school using a stick to thwart off 6th graders bullying the smallest kid in my class. 

I have a Masters degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of Dayton, and work full time at Ernst & Young LLP in Amsterdam; as well as on a side project having co-founded Spicy Lobster Investments LLC.

About Me

My Mission

To give back and help others struggling with anxiety, processing traumatic experiences, or who are curious about breathwork in general. Everyone is welcome to book a session and see what comes to the surface.

I’m using my blog as a means to reflect on my experiences, relate to others, and to channel creativity. 

As I am still in training to becoming certified through the biodynamic breathwork & trauma release institution with an on-track graduation date of July 2023; sessions given are mutually beneficial for us both and therefore free of charge.

About Me

My Personal Approach:
"Spiritually Grounded"

I was once described as being spiritually grounded, and that resonated with me quite well.  Down to earth but believes in energy and we are indeed all connected. What you put out in this world is what you will receive. I live in the reality of the conscious world around us (no, I do not believe we are living in the matrix, always fun to discuss though); but at the same time recognize an awareness of something bigger than myself. Not necessarily a higher divinity, but that our connection with nature and people cannot be quantified or calculated in the classical sense.

Speaking from personal experience, I think people shy away from labeling themselves “spiritual” and engaging in activities such as breathwork and the like given a fear of the unknown. We have preconceived notions of the type of person who identifies as spiritual exclusively belonging to the hippy roaming around with no responsibilities and talking about the need to bring down capitalism while hitting the joint. We also listen to the stories from people describing radical changes in their lives and unsure if we want or need to go down that path.

The truth is breathwork and similar practices are simply a tool to connect with yourself on a deeper level, not change who you are. Quiet the mind, but don’t turn it off. 

Being spiritual is innate within all of us, and belongs to everyone equally. It’s a process of self discovery, self awareness, and connecting the heart and mind in one cohesiveness, so that we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Its all about the balance. Hence, Spiritually Grounded.

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